I want to use this blog as a venue to hold myself accountable for improving myself. I believe that keeping active on here and writing posts at least weekly will allow me to continue growing.

I do not believe that it is good for me to put very strenuous goals on the table. However, posting at least once per week should be doable. What I would like to do is post an update every weekend that talks about what I've done for that week. And then potentially other posts that will talk about projects that I am working on, ideas that I have, write ups and anything else that I think will be entertaining and educational.


Every Sunday I will post the weekly update. I will likely work on writing it after every day. This will allow me to put the meat and potatoes in the post while they are still fresh in my mind. Then on Saturday or Sunday I can edit the post down and put everything in a clear and coherent thought.

I won't consider this post to be the update as it is just talking about accountability and my goals in that endeavor. As it stands I am currently working on a bot project. Once it is completed I will be doing a write up on the blog. It was inspired by several posts that I have read over the last couple of weeks. And I started building off another blog's bot that they posted. They will 100% get credit in the post as they deserve it.

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