A New Adventure

I feel like I have written this post over and over. Blogging has never been my favorite thing to do. However, I know that it is very beneficial to my growth in the tech field. For some reason pouring out my thoughts and exposing the inner workings of my mind is terrifying. This is something that I have been attempting to come to terms with. Over the years I have gotten better and worse at being proactive with my knowledge.

My current role has advanced quite a bit and I have been enjoying the projects that I have been tasked to work on. This has inspired me to work more on my own personal projects. And to branch out and start learning new and more exciting things.

I cannot promise that I will post every day and be super active. I will however try to post at least once per week. The posts will not always be project related and give breakdowns on the things that I am working on. But I will attempt to keep actively posting WiP projects and completed ones. I will also be posting some brainstorms and random ideas that I have.

Hopefully this blog will be able to capture my progression and maybe help other people or allow someone to enjoy the ramblings of an early 30's dude in the US. :)

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