Sunday Update Post

This week was kind of a hodge podge of things. I didn't work on much outside of work projects. However, I did set a schedule for blog posts and weely updates. The update for today is not going to be long at all. I am happy that I set some goals and will stick to achieving them.

The plan for this coming week is to work on my slack bot and then I will be transitioning into a new project following that. I haven't fully settled on what I am going to do. One thing that I was thinking about was writing a time dilation tool. That would tell you how long it would take to travel to a specific point in the universe while moving at faster than the speed of light. The specific point would be an argument passed either via a command line utility or a web app. I thought about expanding it to a GUI that would allow you to point and click your destination and starting location. But that may be something for a future instance if I actually pull the trigger and write the tool.

We'll see what happens. I'm excited to continue learning and writing more python every day.

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