Quick Inspiration Update

The other day I posted about boredome and a lack of motivation. After that post I started paying attention to things. I'm still active in my slack groups. The activity level in one of those groups really inspired me. I started doing at least one CTF per day and have been reinvigorated. I completed two yesterday. One of which had been giving me a hard time for some time. I just was thinking too linearly and not focusing on what was in front of me. Over. The. Moon.

I can't wait to get home tonight and get back to work!

Also, I'm volunteering at BSides Austin this year. Super excited about that as well. The talks this year look great. It was an awesome event last year. It will be cool to be taking part behind the scenes. Check them out at:

BSides Austin

BSides Austin Twitter

BSides Global Website

And if you aren't in Austin, look out for your town's BSides event. They're all over the world!

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