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It's been quite a while since I have posted any updates. Around the time of my last update I got swamped with a project at work. The project finally completed on the 28th of August. On the 25th of August, my 90 days of lab time in the OSCP started. I have spent the first 10 days just going crazy in the labs. I've gotten 14 machines so far.

The labs have been quite challenging. I made the mistake of starting the training portion and then just pausing that to attack the labs. Now I am planning on going back through the training to do all of the exercises so that I can write up the lab report and get extra credit on the exam just in case. +5 points is +5 points.

I have made some surprising discoveries during the training. I was very nervous about attacking and priv escalating on Windows server. But it has been surprisingly straight forward. I am sure that there will be speed bumps but it has not been too terrible. I do wish that cmd was more intuitive than it is.

While I am doing the OSCP training I think I might try to squeeze in some Powershell study because I'm not proficient at all. And I think a better understanding will be invaluable to future success. Also, now that my schedule isn't crazy insane (other than OSCP of course) I aim to start making more posts here. Hopefully starting with some VM or HTB writeup/walkthroughs. I think that it will help me understand my processes better and will just help me get better at explaining things.

Until next time!

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