Work has gotten pretty busy again with some tight deadlines. I have still been working on the OSCP. I’ve gotten around 30 machines rooted. I’ve started focusing on exam preparation. Reading a lot of blog posts and watching some videos. I would say that I’m nervous but I think I am more excited than anything. I understand that there is a high likelihood that I will fail the first time. But that’s okay. This whole process has been extremely fun and very eye opening.

At the end of the day, I signed up and paid for the OSCP because I wanted to learn. In my current role it is not really relevant. But I do hope to transition back into a security role soon. I really miss the challenges that my previous roles in security gave me. Just like I am going to miss the puzzles from the OSCP labs when they are over.

Life is still busy and is still crazy, but I am still focused. I am still pushing towards new horizons. I am excited about the future and what it can bring. Let’s get it!

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